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Saturday, September 17, 2011

7o3x ch 11

I'm sad that I don't get to "practice" my Australian accent.

7o3x ch 11 (IF)
7o3x ch 11 (MU)
7o3x ch 11 (MF)

7o3x ch 11 PSD source (IF)
7o3x ch 11 PSD source (MU)
7o3x ch 11 PSD source (MF)


  1. Thanks for the new chapter! :D

  2. Thank you very much for this release

  3. Thanks so much for the chapter!

  4. /a/non-kun you are my hero

  5. Thanks a bunch for the chapter! Great work! Keep it up!! =D

    (Hope it won't be a drop project, this manga is sooooo good! <3)

  6. Love this manga.

    (But please stop with the Aussie accent! ;_; My ears bleed, and I'm only reading it! I think you use "bloke" too much and incorrectly, "fella" might be an apt substitution, last chapter was not too bad, except I'm pretty sure that moolah is rarely if ever used here, I can't be bothered to nitpick anymore but good effort.)

  7. There's a couple of reasons why I chose to use an Australian accent. First, I realized that I'm bad at any of the usual accents (American Southern, BEV) that people use to translate Kansai accent anyways. Besides, I know that I probably have a bit of a generic American accent in my translations, so if I use Southern or BEV accent, it might be too watered down and indistinct.

    Second, I personally think that it solves some of the problems of using American Southern or BEV. For example, I think that those two accents have preconceptions attached to them (American Southern = stupid fat American, BEV = black gangsta). Australian accent doesn't really have any (bad) preconceptions.

    Lastly, I just wanted to try it for the novelty of it. If I'm going to fail at translating Kansai accent, I might as well fail spectacularly. Or, well, I could just ignore it like my translation for Rin in Noririn.

    I apologize for past, current, and future transgressions on any of the accents I use. Sorry.

  8. Reading this manga gets me excited, I don't know why.
    Thanks for the translations!!
    It's a great series :)

  9. Thanks for the release ^_^