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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pokemon Special BW ch 21 (CCI 2013-01)

I think Black is my favorite protagonist since Ruby.

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  1. Great to know the covert pervert badass with a similar complex to Shinji from Evangelion was also your favourite protagonist. :D

  2. Are these recent chapters still continuing from that eight chapter skip, or did you manage to get the earlier magazine raws?

  3. Im confused by the pacing of this series, when did he manage to evolve Emboar and get 7 badges?

    1. Pokespe, like a lot of manga, is published in magazines. However, Pokespe is currently published in 3. These are Grade 4 (a monthly release), CoroCoro Ichiban! (monthly; also the magazine this chapter comes from), and Pokemon Fan (only comes out whenever Pokemon news is big enough to fill it). /a/non initially only scanned from Grade 4.

      Sadly, Grade 4 died out over a year ago, which brings Pokespe back to 2 magazines. Several scenes (like Black getting his first, third, fifth, sixth, and seventh Gym Badges) were shown in CoroCoro Ichiban, which /a/non didn't scan at first.

    2. That explains it, so i can assume that like with the past generations(G/S,R/S,R/B/Y, etc) there will be a release with the chapters in a single tank, and when that is released we will know what in gods name is going on, right?

  4. I downloaded all the BWs and started reading them, I started getting really confused. I noticed they didnt show the evolution of tepig or black getting his first 2 badges... the series seemed very swiss cheesed. I kinda figured these were side stories that ran parrel to the regular pokemon series releases. but the gym badge battle wouldnt be a side story. Makes sense now if they were releasing in multiple mags and you are only scanning one. kinda dumb/clever on the publishers part. making you read/buy all the various mags to keep up with the story. bad because it could get confusing.

    Im just going to wait for tanks, i think i got to chapter 11 and just deleted the lot. It kinda seems pointess to read BW with soo many gaps in the story.

    I appreciate the effort on yout guy's part. Im an editor too so i know what kind of work goes into doing this stuff. but like i said... kinda seems pointless with all the gaps.

  5. BW chapter order:

    001 VS Minccino

    002 VS Sewaddle

    003 VS Woobat

    004 VS Cottonee

    A001 = 005 VS Galvantula

    A002 = 006 VS Timburr

    A003 = 007 VS Purrloin

    A004 = 008 VS Tympole

    009 VS Pansage & Pansear & Panpour I

    010 VS Pansage & Pansear & Panpour II

    011 VS Watchog

    A005 = 012 VS Scraggy & Scrafty

    A006 = 013 VS Stoutland I

    A007 = 014 VS Stoutland II

    015 VS Cofagrigus

    016 VS Trubbish & Cinccino

    017 VS Zorua

    018 VS Dwebble I

    019 VS Dwebble II

    020 VS Victini

    A008 = 021 VS Maractus

    A009 = 022 VS Yamask

    A010 = 023 VS Emolga

    024 VS Zebstrika

    A011 = 025 VS Servine

    A012 = 026 VS Sawk & Throh

    A013 = 027 VS Accelgor

    A014 = 028 VS Deerling

    029 VS Zorua II

    030 VS Thundurus & Tornadus

    031 VS Vanillite

    032 VS Krokorok I

    033 VS Krokorok II

    A018 = 034 VS Swoobat

    035 VS Unfezant

    036 VS Lilligant & Larvesta & Basculin

    A017 = 037 VS Tornadus & Thudurus & Landorus

    A015 = 038 VS Munna

    A016 = 039 VS Rufflet

    040 VS Cryogonal

    041 VS Scraggy

    042 VS Vanillish

    043 VS Beartic

    044 VS Terrakion & Virizion

    045 VS Cobalion

    046 VS Meloetta I

    047 VS Meloetta II

    048 VS Darmanitan

    A019 = 049 VS Archeops

    A020 = 050 VS Zorua III

    A021 = 051 VS Gothitelle

    052 VS Druddigon

    053 VS Keldeo I

    054 VS Keldeo II

    1. A0XX = anon chapter*

    2. correction:
      A017 = 030 VS Thundurus & Tornadus