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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Noririn dropped

To put it plainly, volume 4 just has too much text without action or any form of respite, and volume 5 probably won't be better. The more that I look at it, the more I find myself unable to muster the effort I need to translate all of the text. I'm sorry, but sometimes I need to say no instead of brute-forcing my way through it.

Noririn vol 4 raw (MF)


  1. What a bad news.
    I really have enjoyed your good work on Noririn 'till now, thanks for every chapter.

  2. Its a shame cuz its one of this series those charme in text and serious plot, not only tities and other typical shit. Still good work onto all those chapters. :)

  3. can you give a general overview of what happens in volume 4?

    1. Nori returns the bike because he wants to make his own.
      They discuss choosing bicycles for 4 chapters.
      Some old man harasses Karamomo while she's riding a bike.
      It turns out that he's a bike shop owner, and Karamomo was going the wrong way.
      The old man challenges everyone to stand balanced on a bike longer than him.
      Everyone fails, then Higashi arrives.
      He's forced to compete, but he complains that he's too hungry.
      Higashi ends up beating the old man, perhaps because he usually rides a motorcycle (or his center of balance is lower).
      The old man repays Nori by selling him a frame for 50K.
      Nori starts building his bike.

  4. What a shock for me, what I just readed. Noririn dropped, noooooooooo. Just for a moment, I don't believed, but I was realy hoping for Volume 4.
    That's realy bad, well that it for Noririn.

  5. It is sad to hear that, but I understand the reasons why made you drop the project. When a project isn't fun to work on, then it's better to move on. Thank you for your work up until now and thank you for letting us know.

  6. Sad news, I hope someone will take it up :(

  7. Thanks anyway for having translated the previous chapters :)

  8. D:>

    Oh well... thanks for all your work so far.

  9. >Noririn dropped
    Oh, come on. Don't be an asshole.

  10. damn, shame about the drop. just went through the vol 4 raw and it definitely looks to be heavy on the bike info drop. i've an interested in cycling and it was the reason why i started reading this in the first place. it also has a nice angle with cars, which is a nice bonus.

  11. Too bad! :'( I was just starting to enjoy the story, and since I'm a cyclist myself it promised to be an interesting manga indeed! Still, thank you for a job well done. :)

  12. I'm not a cyclist but I'm enjoying this manga. Sad that it's dropped but thank you so much for your hard work I really loved your translation. <3

    Good luck with NaniMochi, Kaibutsu Oujo and 703X they're my faves from your projects!

  13. Kinda late, but this is really unfortunate. Thanks for the all the hard work done up til now.

  14. Thank you for the work you put into this manga. I, as a new cyclist myself, have really enjoyed reading Noririn and the info on bikes it has within. By any chance would you happen to know of other cycling manga? I have found Yowamushi Pedal, NASU, and Aoba Jitenshaten.