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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Announcements and Plans: January to April 2012

It's time for announcements.

Pokemon Special BW

My "Plan B" is starting to come together nicely. I should be able to get scans of both CoroCoro Ichiban and Pokemon Fan at about $270 / year, which is what we spent last year on Sho4.

Young Ace

Due to new circumstances, I might stop scanning soon. I'll tell you two issues in advance if that happens, though.


Regular, monthly stuff is implied.

  • Play Katawa Shoujo
  • Arpeggio vol 4 redo
  • Kaibutsu Oujo ch 71-78 (catch up)
  • Noririn vol 4 (at least the first half)
  • Noririn vol 4 (finish)
  • Mudazumo vol 7
  • Ryuushika vol 3 redo
  • Nanika vol 2 redo
  • 7o3x vol 3 redo
  • Take a break
  • Pokemon Special vol 40 (based on the pattern, I would guess that this is when it's going to get released, but I could be off by a month)
  • Arpeggio drama CD


  1. Sorry for posting this here, but my network's censoring software blocks 4chan: Does anyone know what happened to the /a/non doing Ark Performance's other strip? The Mediafire site for The Return of Johnny Ridden disappeared a couple of weeks ago.

  2. I'm not sure. He hasn't posted in a while.!1lT3mqsvEA/order/desc/

    You can use the archive to view and search /a/ and /m/

  3. You should scan the missing chapters from Black and White as well. Some chapters such as the Striaton City gym battle is missing

  4. What's been the deal with Pokémon Adventures not releasing a new volume in 6 months? You said "pattern". Have they done this before?

    1. Volume 40 is going to be 100% new material that was never published in magazines. Meaning, unlike the previous volumes, it's being made from scratch...

      At one point, there was even a one year difference between the release of two volumes.

    2. The "pattern" is that new volumes are usually revealed almost two months before their release on netkun. For example, if it was reveal the next time netkun updates (early February), then it'll be released on March 28, give or take two days.

      Long gaps are uncommon but not unheard of. The last time it happened, though, the next volume came out two months afterward.