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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Online Manga Downloader 0.1.6

Update: CrochetTime for Voyager store may be broken because Voyager store is changing their servers, apparently.

Thanks to Spiritovod's meticulous bug-catching, I think we've caught and fixed most of the bugs. Here are the changes other than bug fixes:
  • Revamped GUI: The main downloader window is now combined with the examples frame. In Manual mode, the tab you're on when you press the Download button is the handler that the downloader uses. For examples, if I'm on the Shogakukan tab, the downloader will use the Shogakukan tab.

  • Three new handlers: Comic Rush, Grand Jump/Monthly Heros, and Web Young Jump.

  • Resume function: It picks up from the first file that it hasn't downloaded, not the first file of the whole item.

  • General code restructuring: Most net code has been moved to use Jsoup instead of
However, there are two known bugs:
  • NicoNico E-books Hour Bug: NicoNico E-books has some really large files and long items, so it may take more than an hour to finish downloading it. Unfortunately, the NicoNico login also seems to expire in a hour.

  • Connection Abort Bug: It doesn't detect aborted connections. For example, Yahoo Bookstore has some files larger than 1MB. If your connection is slow and under stress, OMD's connection may be interrupted. OMD will spit out a partial file in that case.
Right now, both can be "fixed" through the resume function. If you encounter the first bug, just make it download again and it will pick up from where it left off. For the second bug, delete the partially download files and try again.

Online Manga Downloader 0.1.6 (MF)

Online Manga Downloader 0.1.0 tree
Online Manga Downloader issues tracker


  1. Could you upload online manga downloader 0.16 to megaupload ?

    I've been unable to download from mediafire from today...

    Thanks in advance !

  2. How do I run a .jar? If I click on it, winrar opens it.

  3. @4:34

    Get Java (6+)

  4. I have it. How can I run it?

  5. Awesome program. Is there a way to download the voices for the Flex Comics + Voice site?

  6. Is there a way to make this work on OSX (Snow Leopard in my case)? The program itself is running of course, but I get errors when I try to download something ("could not execute download job") - any solution for this?

  7. @5:04 Double-click

    @8:42 I've never seen voice before. I'll inspect it

    @3:59 Give me the log

  8. The .jar files are associated with winrar, which java executable should I assign to open it?

  9. 3:59 fag here again. Problem solved, it wasn't the program but my proxy that apparently didn't want me to download with your downloader.