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Monday, December 12, 2011

Getenrou HQ raw

First, I'd like to make one thing clear. There are at least two groups who have contacted me about this (Kotonoha and Suimasen). I will be a neutral raw provider to any group.

Notes about the raws:
  1. The cover has been rotated, cropped, and merged, but not cleaned. Cover and inside cover dpi is 600.
  2. Page 001a is actually a combination of a translucent overlay page with the Groucho classes and the page underneath.
  3. All of the other pages are straight from my scanner with no modifications. The dpi is 400. The file names are aligned with the actual page numbers.
Finally, this is just my opinion, but I recommend all groups to skim over the analysis from various Japanese blog posts, like this one. In particular, take note of the sound effect on page 216.

Getenrou HQ raw part 1 (MF)
Getenrou HQ raw part 1 (MU)

Getenrou HQ raw part 2 (MF)
Getenrou HQ raw part 2 (MU)

If you have any requests like a request for a rescan of a page, just send me a message.


  1. Umin from Suimasen Scans here - we just released the first chapter.
    I read some Japanese blog posts about the series and I guess they'll really come in handy, especially for later chapters.
    If you have stuff to criticise, please bring it on. We'll release a complete volume batch once we're done with the series and I'll be happy to provide a v2 translation for that.

  2. oh well, seems like Kotonoha is not doing it. I feel sorry...

  3. I don't want to sound self-hating or something, but sometimes I'd wish there were more direct competition between scanlation groups. For anime, there's mostly several fansub groups doing the same series, but for manga and scanlations, this almost never happens.

    Basically, I could translate complete shit out of a series (which I try not to do, but theoretically I could), my projects would still stay mine and most people wouldn't even notice how shitty it is since there's like no neutral person (outside the group) proofing it or comparing it to another translation (because there usually are no other translations in the first place, except for official ones, which are seen as inferior to scanlations by a big part of the "scene").
    Sometimes, I wish that was different...

  4. Wow, you want to compete with Kotonoha with _that_ translation?

  5. Competitions in scanlation often happen when it comes to mainstream titles like Naruto or One Piece. They are fine but people easily realize that type of competition is meaningless for a super-shallow-stupid shounen title.
    Kotonoha is among the rare groups which tackle less mainstream titles, so I believe their translations must have more-than-enough quality since they take more time to grab the meaning of whatisthisidonteven things in those mangas ^^
    Lastly, I think you should translate the complete shit out of a series too. Why wait for another party to do that for you? We would love it and you would not regret it later :D
    * Btw I'm the 1st anonymous, not the 2nd.

  6. >>Wow, you want to compete with Kotonoha with _that_ translation?

    Exactly a comment like this makes it seem that there are peope interested seeing the other translation. I assume my translation is so shitty that you would rather want to see what somebody else, maybe Kotonoha, maybe others who can compete with them would do. So do I.
    I'd also like to know what I got wrong (though that I guess does not belong here but rather on Suimasen - I don't want to spam poor /a/nonscans' blog).