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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Please read: A personal appeal from /a/nonymous scanlations

Ladies and gentlemen, it's no secret that scanlation isn't profitable. In fact, most of the scanlation community probably prefers it to stay that way. I for one have already given up hope on staying keeping the costs as low as possible, because I keep picking up manga that I have to import (it can't be helped). Here's a look at the estimated costs:
  • Mudazumo:
    $15 / two weeks - Kindai Mahjong Issues
    $15 / six months - Volumes
    $420 / year

  • 7o3x:
    $19 / month - Young Ace Issues (depending on vendor)
    $15 / four months - Volumes
    $273 / year

  • Nanika:
    $40 / two months - good! Afternoon Issues
    $15 / year? - Volumes
    $255 / year

  • Pokemon Special (volumes only):
    $15 / three months - Volumes
    $60 / year

  • Arpeggio of Blue Steel:
    (~$40 - Volumes 1-3)
    $15 / four months - Volumes (4+)
    $45 / year

  • Noririn:
    $15 / six months - Volumes
    $30 / year

  • Ryuushika Ryuushika:
    $15 / year - Volumes
    $15 / year

  • Kindaichi:
    No cost right now, but I'm considering importing volumes for future cases, since the scans aren't very good

  • Kazumi:
    No cost

  • Kaibutsu Oujo:
    No cost
The total comes out to be $1068 per year. My savings has pretty much stagnated over the last year and is beginning to decline. While it isn't anywhere near zero as of this writing, I would appreciate any support, no matter how small.

(Note: Pokemon Special BW has a special account on its own. If you're donating for BW, make sure to tell me somehow)

I have mentioned on /a/ in June about how I have a surplus of Eva figures that come with the Young Ace issues, and some people have expressed interest. I'll definitely auction them off in a few weeks.


  1. A simple question: Do the donators have a say in which series their donations are for?

  2. Practically speaking, no. While I get why donators would want to do that, there's no real benefit to me if one series is swimming in donations and another is starved, and there's no incentive for me to keep track of the money separately. Pokemon Special BW is an anomaly.

    That said, donations can have an indirect effect on me: it'll make me less likely to stop importing or even drop the series. However, the only thing that I'm considering to stop importing right now is the Kindai Mahjong subscription, because it's 36% of the budget, and I'm not considering on dropping any more series or reversing my decision on Pokemon Special. If you're donating for Mudazumo magazine chapters, you could change my mind, provided that you have the money to back me up.

  3. "'ll make me less likely to stop importing or even drop the series."

    In the process of creating a PayPal account. Please wait few days.

    Oh, and it would definitely be a financially wise choice to stop importing Kindai Mahjong subscription. More butter to spread on your bread slices.

  4. Dude it would make more sense to just wait for the volumes and get those. You get better quality, and it won't kill anyone to wait a while.

  5. I am getting the volumes, though as a speedscan group, I can't help but be impatient.

    That said, the Beast Knights just promised me to send their Nanika and Blue Steel raws, so that's $240 deducted right there. Kindai Mahjong is likely to get removed too, so the yearly expenses will be about $400 in the end.

  6. unluckily for me, my debit card expired, and I've just moved, as soon as I get a part-time job (and open a new debit card acount)I'll save for buying Pokemon Black Version AND for supporting Pokemon Special ok?
    ....thanks for all the hard work you've done so far