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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Demon 72 dropped

FTH has let me know that they have dropped Demon 72. I have no intention of working on this by myself, so I will drop it as well in order to focus on Kaibutsu Oujo.


  1. Understandable that you drop it. I would have done the same if it was me.

    They are doing lot of weird things at FTH these days, like taking new projects, snatching other people's projects and dropping titles.

    I rather have you work on KO than D72.

    Thanks as always for your hard work. Keep it up :D

  2. :( i understand. But i really wish u;d continue it :(( im really upset because i finally found a manga like black butler . I really really hope u;ll keep scsnning it ... Gambate .!!!

  3. It was cancelled anyways so we understand :( It was a good manga and i loved readin the first 2 chapters. I wonder if i could find the raws anywhere...not that i could understand them even if i did :P Good Job

  4. This seems pretty popular and interesting. Do you have the raws? Maybe my group can pick it up or something...