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Sunday, March 21, 2010

What next?

So...more Mudazumo OVAs and Nanoko&! probably won't be out for a while, Mudazumo OVA DVD is still downloading (3.94 / 4.13 GB), and Paradox is finished...What do I translate next?

Suggest any manga (no anime, I'm not a subbing group) that:
  • Is not actively translated
  • Must not have too much untranslated material. As much as I would like to translate Birdy II/Evolution and Master Keaton, 200+ chapters is too much
  • Not erotic
  • Have raws easily downloadable. No Genkaku Picasso, sorry

Prime suspects right now are:
  1. Kaibutsu Oujo (Ala Atra seems to have dropped it)
  2. Hanako to Guuwa no Tera (ended in 4 volumes)
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  1. If you want to do a hotblooded shonen manga in the vein of Mudazumo, might I recommend finishing Gyakkyou Nine? There are four volumes left since the project was abandoned about 3 years ago:

    And for pure 80s manliness, there is Cyber Blue. Four volumes, and I can send you the raws:

    G Senjou Heaven's Door. This is a fantastic manga that was abandoned with only 5 chapters left! It's about kids who create manga, and it's better than Bakuman, IMO:

    Himizu is a four volume manga that got dumped 18 chapters in. It's amazing:

    Thanks for your work on the Mudazumo OVAs... I definitely appreciate someone manning up and doing something with those! ^_^

  2. Cool, I'll look at all of those