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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Arpeggio of Blue Steel ch 45

I'm most baffled by the change in Iona's character design for the anime.Is it really just a shallow attempt at a cash grab at the expense of her character? Is it because they may be changing her voice actor (if not the entire cast)?

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  1. >I've never seen on myself
    page 7

  2. I'm more worried about the uguu eyes they put on gunzou.

  3. Any creation of anime now has to made in anticipation of future law changes. It would be a financial disaster if the law changed just a few months after release of the blue-ray disc and all the discs would have to be thrown away by the retailers.

  4. Take a look at the chapter with Iona and Takao in the bath or hot springs or whatever, Ark Performance has drawn her similarly to the anime design before. It may have been done at their request, or it may have been a bit of a cost-cutting move since it would be more expensive to have to create different CG models for Iona in different styles (hopefully they'll be keeping some of the SD bits, though).

    Also, as much as I like Aoi Yuuki, I find the new VA to actually be a bit more fitting.

    And also, the 2400p version of page 82 in volume 3 (from chapter 14) appears to be corrupt in the volume torrent.


    your download links for chapter 36 for 2400p is broken, you could download manually from this link

    but it will better if the download links repaired

    and may I ask why the torrent files are so huge? I know that it has all both volumes for 2400p and 1200p, but what Special books absurdres about? absurd resolution?