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Friday, February 15, 2013

Pokemon Special BW ch 22 (CCI 2013-02)

I'm cheering for the kid with the cool pants.

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  1. Ty for release, but this is chapter 52.

    I posted this in a previous BW release (with some errors) and a few weeks after it was released, no one commented so im guessing maybe not many saw. re-posting updated list with corrections:

    BW chapter order:
    A0__ = /a/non's numbered chapters
    Example: A001 is /a/non's Black and White Chapter 1, but it is really Black and White Chapter 5.

    001 VS Minccino
    002 VS Sewaddle
    003 VS Woobat
    004 VS Cottonee
    A001 = 005 VS Galvantula
    A002 = 006 VS Timburr
    A003 = 007 VS Purrloin
    A004 = 008 VS Tympole
    009 VS Pansage & Pansear & Panpour I
    010 VS Pansage & Pansear & Panpour II
    011 VS Watchog
    A005 = 012 VS Scraggy & Scrafty
    A006 = 013 VS Stoutland I
    A007 = 014 VS Stoutland II
    015 VS Cofagrigus
    016 VS Trubbish & Cinccino
    017 VS Zorua
    018 VS Dwebble I
    019 VS Dwebble II
    020 VS Victini
    A008 = 021 VS Maractus
    A009 = 022 VS Yamask
    A010 = 023 VS Emolga
    024 VS Zebstrika
    A011 = 025 VS Servine
    A012 = 026 VS Sawk & Throh
    A013 = 027 VS Accelgor
    A014 = 028 VS Deerling
    029 VS Zorua II
    A017 = 030 VS Thundurus & Tornadus
    031 VS Vanillite
    032 VS Krokorok I
    033 VS Krokorok II
    A018 = 034 VS Swoobat
    035 VS Unfezant
    036 VS Lilligant & Larvesta & Basculin
    037 VS Tornadus & Thudurus & Landorus
    A015 = 038 VS Munna
    A016 = 039 VS Rufflet
    040 VS Cryogonal
    041 VS Scraggy
    042 VS Vanillish
    043 VS Beartic
    044 VS Terrakion & Virizion
    045 VS Cobalion
    046 VS Meloetta I
    047 VS Meloetta II
    048 VS Darmanitan
    A019 = 049 VS Archeops
    A020 = 050 VS Zorua III
    A021 = 051 VS Gothitelle
    A022 = 052 VS Druddigon
    053 VS Keldeo I
    054 VS Keldeo II

    1. Do you know who might me scanlating in order? Because I always thought the manga was random on purpose but I guess not. Why is it out of order anyway?

    2. It's not random. It's just missing chapters.

      As was explained before, the BW chapter of Pokemon Adventures is published in three different magazines. /a/non only scans from one of these, hence why there are missing events. However, the magazine that /a/non used to scan from is dead now, so Pokespe is down to two magazines. But at least /a/non moved to one of the other two.

      And no one is scanlating in order. Not in English, at least. There are scans of the chapters /a/non didn't scanlate from the official English translations, though.

    3. Well if you look at the order /a/non released, some of the chapters are out of order.

      his 17 and 18 shoulda came out before his 15 and 16, but since 15 and 16 are flash backs, it doesnt REALLY matter except for number order sake.

      What i find is weird is that most of his chapters are grouped together. I would think if these chapters are being released in multiple magazines, that there would be some kind of pattern and or they wouldnt be grouped and would be released by order of the magazines' release dates. So if for example he was getting all his scans from 1 mag, we would be getting every other chapter instead of these weird 3-4 chapter clusters:

      Ex: Mag1-ch1; Mag2-ch2; Mag1-ch3; Mag2-ch4

    4. Can anyone find some ordered manga please?

  2. last page, is remind me to looker (right from black)... just hair is similar with looker XP

  3. Couldn't help crying when I read this chapter. /sniff

    That IS Looker, I think. Why is he there, though? XD And that fat dude in the middle looks highly suspicious...

    Thank you for this chapter! You made my day.

  4. looker with that mask is looks gay ._. XD, maybe to help gym leader? maybe.

  5. Please take a look at your email, /a/non. I've sent you a message.

  6. Hopefully no-one will see this as a spoiler, but doesn't that fat dude in the middle look like one of the Seven Sages from Team Plasma in (partial) disguise? Maybe Zinzolin, since he's one of the main B2W2 antagonists, and Marlon from B2W2 is also featured in the chapter.

    1. That's because it is Zinzolin.

    2. I guess I'm just slow. Anywho, looking forward to next chapter.