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Sunday, November 18, 2012

DREditor 0.0.4

Quick update that adds the feature to change the font.

DREditor 0.0.4 (mf)
DREditor manual v2 (mf)
DREditor source code (github)


  1. man thank you for the update!! I just wanna ask you I tryed as in manual but when I try to change massage font It say's an I/O error occurred... can you tell me more easy? I did it in korean and I tryed lot's of tme and it still don't work..T_T...

    1. Some Font work... some don't..., some having spacing bug in preview window..., and if you messing with Super Sampling in Font Setting (BMFont)... nothing gonna work... but everything else work fine... thanks /a/non...

    2. Thanks for the upload, but man... nothings work here T-T I have one problem with the fonts, they don't work right, for example, the point, they appear in up, instead down, the problem is the font I use? what font I should use? what should I do? T-T

  2. I send it to youer gmail.!

  3. I do not know, whether the bump system how on bords and whether the blog is alive, but i will try.
    Anon, you can lay out a working link to your program?