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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Young Ace 2012-10 raws

Again, this will be one of the last issues that I'll upload.

Part 1: (mf) (ss)
  • new Hosoda movie
  • 7o3x
  • Daisuki desu!! Mahou Tenshi Cosmos
  • NGE
  • Hokkenshitsu
  • Inari, Kon kon, Koi Iroha
  • F/Z
  • O/A [end]
Part 2: (mf) (ss)
  • JA
  • Gunbuster
  • Maou-sama no Pero Pero Keikaku
  • Kamiigusa Animators
  • Blood Lad
  • Kyouagaru, Monoiwaku... [oneshot]
  • Resident City 505
  • Iinazuke Kyoutei
  • Ren'ai Shimasen ka?
  • Boku Dake no Inai Machi
Part 3: (mf) (ss) 
  • Voice Meets Girl [end]
  • Nagato Yuki-chan's Disappearance
  • Spec ~Ten~
  • Worldgaze Clips
  • Mogitate Idol Ningen [end]
  • MPD Psycho
  • Last Exile 2
  • Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service
  • random 4-koma


  1. omg No. How I will survie without Blood Lad?

  2. Really sad about this. Thanks for posting these!

  3. Really appreciate you scanning all of these up until now. I love Young Ace's series and I'll miss your scans of them, but thanks for everything!

  4. What are the chances we'll see one more Big Gangan issue?
    Whether it's yes or no isn't an issue, just want to know if it's worth waiting for.

  5. Hoping you'll at least post one more next month! But if not, thanks so much for everything. :)

  6. Big Thanks for so far uploading the issues :D