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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stuff, March 2012

Donations and Financial Stuff

After a bumpy February, the new raw supply chain should now be stable. This means that 7o3x, Nanika, and Arpeggio raws are free, Pokemon Special BW raws should be rolling in, and future projects that require magazine raws (such as the one that just got "elected") can happen at a fairly low price.

All in all, this means that the general budget this year should be around $210, and the BW budget should be around the same as last year, though it's being used to buy two magazines instead of one now. This is a piece of cake compared to the expenditures of 2011; I should be able to handle this myself. However, I want to thank past and future donors for helping me help you.


As you may recall, when I started scanlating, most of the stuff I translated were volumes, which are "serial"; now, most of them are chapters, which are released in "parallel," since 4 series are released at the end the month. This calls for a more parallel approach. Now, lazy bums who can get shit done once a month are valuable. If you're one of them, contact me.

However, I don't need pure proofreaders: you must be able to do something other than proofreading, preferably typesetting. And I don't need people who will add more work; if you want to join just to make me pick up something, do it yourself.

Prototype Website

For a while now, I've been working on a prototype of a website is basically a link aggregator of manga. Think MangaTraders but with links to DDL sites rather than links to their own slow servers. However, my work on this has been hampered by meatspace stuff and the whole scanlation thing, so I decided to just release it, even if it's incomplete. The prototype is now open to public.

Right now, submission is open, so you can create an account and submit to it if you like, though I'm not expecting anything. At the very least, it will eventually replace the project pages.


  1. no email? no verification?
    good way for mu link add though.

  2. would it be bad if i only wanted to donate a certain amount towards the pokemon bw special stuff? coz well yeah. i want to read those xD